Servant Evangelism

Servant Evangelism at First Christian is our way of "Demonstrating the kindness of God by offering to do some humble acts of service with no strings attached."  You might see us anywhere in the city doing these humble acts of serving our community.  We could be giving away cokes at an intersection, washing windshields at a local gas station, giving away candy at a retail parking lot, delivering bags of groceries to those in need, visiting a community nursing home, or even dropping dollar bills in the mall.  Our motivation is simple, to show the love of Christ and open the hearts of people who have given up on church.  When we serve someone, we pass along this card to let people know who these crazy people are.  We want to let people know that we are here for them if they ever need us. 

When we are serving, we like to say, "The Church has left the building.  Here are some pictures of            FCC outreachers in action.

If you would like some more detailed information of the philosophy behind Servant Evangelism, you can check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) here.

If you see us serving, honk and take a coke on us.